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Herbal Therapy Body Wraps is a unique studio-spa with locations in Akron, Ohio, North Olmsted, Ohio, and Mentor, Ohio. The staff has a combined experience level of over 21 years with the herbal wrap. Clients travel to Herbal Therapy Body Wraps from many Ohio cities to experience the benefits that are offered through the relaxing, therapeutic body wrap. Benefits of the wrap include relaxation, detoxification, inch loss, cellulite reduction, a more firmed, toned appearance, relief from pain, an increased sense of well-being and a higher energy level. Other benefits include relief and healing from many skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, as well as fading of scars and stretch marks. An Herbal Body Wrap treatment program is beneficial for anyone wanting to find that extra perk in their lives, whether it's used in combination with a weight loss program to keep skin firm and supple; as a means of de-stressing and detoxification; to reduce inches in the target zones of the body, or as a way to simply pamper oneself. For licensing information call, 330-431-1345.
Q. How long is a wrap session? A. Your first treatment will take the longest amount of time. We will explain the process to you, answer questions, and measure you before and after your wrap. It will take approximately an hour and a half. For follow-up treatments, it usually only takes about one hour.  Q. What should I wear for the treatment? A. We recommend that women be wrapped in bra and underwear or a two-piece bathing suit. Cotton fabrics promote more efficient absorption of the solution. Men are required to wear either swim trunks or gym shorts. Socks are recommended to keep you warmer during your visit.  Q. Does the treatment involve dieting and exercise? A. No. You will have results with your treatment program whether you exercise or not. Any increased activity level will only help to enhance your program. Changing eating habits for the better will also help you along with your program. The best advice is moderation in all things.  Q. Is this just a temporary water loss? A. No. we recommend drinking 64 oz. of water per day to maintain health as well as to aid in your body's natural elimination system. Proper hydration is vital to the success of your program.  Q. How often can I get a body wrap? A. For best results, it is recommended to do them once or twice a week. This depends on your goals and will be discussed with a technician or counselor.  Q. How long will my results last? A. That's up to you! Lifestyle plays the largest part in determining how long the results last. In general, after completing a program, most clients keep their results for an average of over two years.  Q. I'm a guy. Is there any reason I should have a wrap? A. Absolutely! Men use the wraps to relax, shrink their "love handles" and stomachs, and to enhance the benefits of their workout regimens.  Q. What types of benefits will I experience?  A. In addition to the benefits for your skin (lessening the appearance of puffiness, discoloration, and wrinkles), many clients are amazed at the increased energy level they experience. Others are pleased with the therapeutic effects it has on their aching joints and other muscular-skeletal conditions.
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