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The Mineral Masque Facial Wrap
Herbal Therapy Wraps is now offering the new Mineral Masque Facial Wrap!
Using the art of compression along with our signature blend of healing herbs and all-natural sea clay, We are able to perform a tested and proved method to improve the appearance of the face
At home Instructions to Maximize your program:
It is recommended that you exfoliate before the facial masque wrap. It is best to have clean skin, free of moisturizers and make-up. Like the body wrap program, drinking water is essential for great results. Water is the most natural and beneficial detoxifying method for our bodies. Proper hydration will ensure you will get the optimum benefits from the wrap.
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Herbal Therapy Body Wraps uses the ancient technique of herbs combined with a compression wrap to help you re-shape and contour your body, lose inches overall, and look and feel great! The use of herbal therapy has been around for many centuries for the promotion of good health, disease prevention and curing a wide range of ailments. A series of body wrap treatments is recommended for best results. Each time you experience a treatment, the results intensify the prior benefits resulting from the wrap, such as inch loss, fading of stretch marks, and the reduction or elimination of cellulite. Many other benefits resulting from a series of body wrap treatments have been described. These include pain reduction and relief from arthritis, rheumatism, and other muscular-skeletal ailments, increased energy level and a feeling of being rejuvenated. Also the level of detoxification and relaxation lead to a higher sense of well-being for many people. Our wrap bandages are saturated with an all natural solution composed of herbs. The herbs break down into amino acids. Our bodys need these amino acids as nutrients to maintain our health on a cellular level. The herbs penetrate through the skin's pores and help to cleanse the underlying tissues. Amino acids help repair damaged tissues on a cellular level, which leads to more healthy, glowing skin and increased elasticity. The selected herbs in our solution were also chosen for their other healing properties. Some are emollients for the skin; others aid the body's natural draining system to function more efficiently to help rid your body of many types of toxins. Several of the herbs may help in circulatory, kidney, and liver functions. Experience the Art of the Herbal Wrap for body contouring, inch loss, skin and relaxation therapy.
THE MINERAL MASQUE FACIAL WRAP MAY: Improve overall tone of skin Reduce undereye puffiness Help diminish face wrinkles and crows feet Tighten the double chin area Cleanse pores and moisturize
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